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Charlottesville Restaurant Reviews

You may ask yourself, where do I find reviews of Charlottesville restaurants?

From the downtown mall, to the corner, to mid town, we have all your favorite restaurants. From Italian, to American, to Japanese to Mexican, cVillain knows best.

Head on over to Charlottesville Restaurant Reviews to see for yourself!  Remember, when you decide where to eat, tell them you found their food from our site!


Charlottesville Gossip is Happening

Hello Charlottesville or C-Ville (whichever way you may swing),

Welcome to the world of cVillain.

We love this town and can’t get enough of its restaurants, cafes, music, shops, and, importantly, gossip. We want to talk about everything and review everything. We think we are quickly becoming the best source for exciting and useful Charlottesville news.

When we sat down to brainstorm ideas for cVillain, we decided we didn’t want to make this into just another website. We also quickly decided that we didn’t know everything about Charlottesville.

Now that you are here, what can you do on the site?

Read Charlottesville’s Best and Most Unbiased Restaurant Reviews

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